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About Training

We offer trainings on mobile app development, web app development, website design, ecommerce, and digital marketing


Our modules are unique and friendly. We regularly keep our modules updated to current technological trends. The module is carefully developed to encourage anyone to study without an instructor.


You cannot give what you do not have. Our faculties have the right skillset to train and mentor you to become like them and beyond. Beyond professionalism, we are friendly and welcoming and you will find out learning is actually fun.


In learning and education, environment goes a long way. With our installed inverter system, it is guaranteed there will be uninterrupted power supply during the course of the training. Our training room is conducive, spacious and well ventilated. Your comfort is guaranteed!


Yes, success is not cheap. It comes with hardwork and meeting certain criteria. To be successful in this, you need your passion, commitment and your laptop. Once these are in place, success is sure!


Our fees are affordable despite the quality of training offerings. Our trainees are usually satisfied with the fee as they start receiving their own offers before and after end of training.


Learning mobile app development, web app development, web design usually takes a minimum of 7 weeks. The training is planned in line with your schedule.

What We Promise

At the end of our training sessions, depending on the course you enroll for, you will be able to do the following confidently:

Design and develop mobile apps

Design websites using HTML5/CSS/JS

Develop functional web apps using PHP/MySQL

Set up functional ecommerce websites

Setup hosting and domain

Integrate webmaster tools

Effectively practise SEOs

Why We Are Different

Money Back Guarantee

If after the first day of the training, you feel the training does not meet your expectation. You will be allowed to quit and we will refund your payment instantly.

After-Training Support

You are our project, your success is our own success story. Even after you might have completed your training, we will offer some level of support when you make a request.

Build Personal Project

At the end of your training, you will be engaged to build a personal project to ensure you effetively put together all you have learnt. We will be there to provide help.

Business Opportunities

We will show you practical ways to make money online and also what you can do to make cash by using technology snd tools. You can be financially free!

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