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About IT Training For Business

We offer trainings on how business owners can save cost and take full advantage of technology tools to drive sales and improve business processes. Training cycle goes on for 4 saturdays virtually on Zoom with opportunity for after-training support for questions and grey areas.

What We Promise

At the end of each training cycle, you will be able to do the following confidently:

Procure and setup your domain and hosting

Design your corporate or ecommerce website

Create official emails for your business

Take advantage of technology tools to boost online presence

Setup hosting and domain

Integrate webmaster tools

Why We Are Different

Money Back Guarantee

If after the first day of the training, you feel the training does not meet your expectation. You will be allowed to quit and we will refund your payment instantly.

After-Training Support

You are our project, your success is our own success story. Even after you might have completed your training, we will offer some level of support when you make a request.

Strong Reputation

We have strong reputation to protect. We are the developers of the MY OYO App and other notable apps such as PressPayNg, IBR 92.5FM apps among others. We have a reputation to protect, hence we will try all we can to keep it intact

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